Darkseid Presentation Board

A small number of presentation artwork boards were saved from by a former Kenner executive and some have been offered for sale to collectors in the past. While their exact use is not well documented, the source hypothesized they may have been used for internal review or potentially during meetings between DC Comics and Kenner staff. Presentation boards of this sort do not contain true pencil and ink artwork rather they are typically comprised of pasted-on high quality photostats (referred to as copy whites in the print industry). Some boards feature black and white photostats that are hand-colored while others like this Darkseid are made up of entirely of colored photostats. The original artwork used to create the photo-stats was much larger in size, accomplished by DC Comics artists, and reduced in size for the 17" x 11" presentation boards. The matching Darkseid artwork is also available for viewing here on my website.

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