Penguin: GMJ S.A. 1st Series 12-Back

General Mills Juguetes, South America (GMJ S.A.), formerly known as PBP, distributed Super Powers action figures in Spain under the "Super Poderes" logo. Unlike some of their international counterparts, these figures were not packaged with a mini-comic nor poster premium. Penguin, as shown above, is the highlight of this entry and features a very unusual bubble shape. The Super Poderes packaging types documented thus far offer stark differences in both card front and card back characteristics. This Penguin packaging represents yet another combination of packaging elements as discussed below.


Three card styles exist on Super Poderes packaging with differences existing on both the cardfronts and cardbacks. The two photos shown above illustrate the card front differences between two styles. Notice Lex Luthor's packaging features a diagonal printed banner spanning the upper left corner containing "Figura Accionable" text, while the other style completely lacks this banner. Text content and placement differences also exist on the lower packaging. The Penguin's packaging maintains the diagonal upper left corner banner and also throws a yellow trilingual name banner in the lower right corner similar to the one found on some, but not all, trilingual packaging.


The rear packaging differences are the most striking. Aquaman's cardback more closely resembles that of the domestic Kenner layout, while the other style (shown on Lex Luthor)completely mimics that of the European trilingual cardbacks like the one shown here. Penguin's cardback clearly matches the Lex Luthor rear cardback layout shown in the above comparison photos.

Both card styles exhibit the same unique punch (peg hanger hole) style, and Penguin is no exception in that regard, creating yet another distinguishing Super Poderes packaging characteristic. The Super Poderes figures are extremely difficult to locate in carded form making them very special additions to a Super Powers collection.

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