Gulliver released an eight figure series under the "Super Powers Collection" banner. Each blister card measures much smaller than the familiar Kenner packaging. While Kenner included a mini-comic premium with each figure, Gulliver opted for a poster premium; a characteristic shared with some European trilingual packaged figures. Gulliver figures all lack both the hallmark "power action" features and jointed legs. Additonally, the paint applications on each figure are generally considered subpar. While the Gulliver figures do bare ever-so-slight resemblance to their Kenner counterparts (some moreso than others), the differences above coupled with an overall visual disparity lessen the possibility of mistaking one for the other provided a collector possesses a basic familiarity with the Kenner line.

The Gulliver lines consists of the following action figures:

Gulliver's Wonder woman packaging utilizes a markedly different image of the character on the blister card's front face compared to the one used by other companies including, but not limited to, Kenner and Kenner Canada. Like other Gulliver Super Powers figures, Wonder Woman is completely devoid of an accessory (in this case her lasso). Gullver likely avoided accessory inclusion as a cost-cutting measure.

Gulliver's Wonder Woman action figure resembles its Kenner counterpart more closely than most other figures from the line. The above image shows a two distinct Gulliver variations. The figure located on the left exhibits extremely pink plastic on the limbs and face, while the figure shown on the right shows a much lighter flesh-tone colored plastic in the bare skin areas. Quality control was clearly not a high priority on these figures, so its not too surprising that variations like this one exist.

Gulliver carded figures garner much higher prices in today's market compared to years past, however all figures sell for much less than the line's hallmark exclusive figure, El Capitan Rey, which can sell for multiple times the price of the other seven characters. El Capitan Rey's presence in the Gulliver line makes assembling a complete carded Gulliver set both a challenging and expensive endeavor.

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