The Joker: 2nd Series 23-Back (Superman Cape Offer)

Kenner definitely re-released The Joker, one of the line's hallmark villains, on three of the four different card styles for the 2nd series action figure assortment. The character remains undocumented on the 23-Back "Superman Cape Offer w/ Clark Kent Offer sticker" packaging. One of the two, shown above, is the 23-back card containing the "Superman Cape Offer". A mere $1.50 and three proof-of-purchases landed young Super Powers fans a snazzy plastic Superman cape via this mail-away promotion. While some promotions were run both in the US by Kenner and Canada by Kenner Canada, the "Superman Cape Offer" was a US exclusive. To date nine of the twelve 1st series figures and ten of the eleven 2nd series figures have been documented on the 23-back Superman Cape Offer cardback. Steppenwolf represents the lone 2nd series figure never released on this cardback.

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