Detailed artwork, dynamic layouts, and superb photography seamlessly converged to yield one of Kenner's most visually appealing toy packaging styles. The aesthetic view was so powerful that many collectors and fans still revere it to this day. One such fan and active forum member, Bill L., approached me in March with an interesting idea that clearly both paid homage to Kenner's line and blended the familiar packaging design elements into a modern promotional product. Having seen similar trading cards designed and printed for both the Mego Museum and Plaid Stallions websites, Bill reasoned designing and printing Super Powers trading cards would be a rewarding experience and provide Super Powers collectors with cool items to add their collections. Much to my delight, Bill generously offered to list as the website sponsor in order to further promote the site I've dilligently developed over the years.

Designing the cards required Bill to develop and hone graphic skills in Photoshop, so the initial card for the set, Superman, required several iterations to perfect the overall card layout while also yielding a design properly suited for printing. The composite image shown above showcases two original iterations that preceded the finalized product. When comparing the "concept" image to the "final" design, take note of differences in the Superman action figure pose, border star color, font in various locations, Super Powers logo, and border/text revisions. Bill outdid himself in every aspect and the final product looks even more outstanding (I didn't think that was possible) with one of the cards in hand.

Two cards have officially been released thus far: Superman (#1) and Green Lantern (#2).

Bill plans to continue producing trading cards for the entire series of Super Powers action figures (one card dedicated to each character) with a release order mimicking the figures' numbering and placement on the back of Kenner's 33-Back packaging. I'll be consistently highlighting each new card upon its release, so expect frequent updates to this Special Feature article as cards are printed. Collectors wishing to build a complete set or obtain a particular card should either send their mailing address to me at or sign up in the official distribution thread located here at the discussion forums. The cards are completly free to collectors, however Bill has expressly requested that they NOT be sold under any circumstances as they are designed for trading purposes only. Special thanks go out to Bill for all of his hardwork and talent that he poured into this project.

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