Welcome to the Super Powers Hall of Justice! I'm certain many of you maintain fond memories of playing with Super Powers toys during your youth. I too was a huge childhood fan and vividly remember my first two figures from the line: Flash and Green Lantern. In the late 80's, fueled by my collector mentality, I proceeded to collect carded figures and boxed vehicles. Over the years I've developed an interest in the production process of toys. This site's goal is to provide a superb gallery of Super Powers toys and help further interest in the production process of the line through the dissemination of information and pictures related to the toy line's development.

Last Updated: 02/10/2017


If you are offering Super Powers prototypes or displays for sale, would like to comment on the site, or simply wish to chat about Super Powers, please drop me an email at: michaelmensinger@aol.com. Monthly website updates are announced on the site's discussion forums, so be sure to check them out.